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Today more than ever, a strategically managed corporate culture can provide companies and shareholders with a meaningful competitive advantage. In this groundbreaking work, Marty provides a formulaic approach all executives can use to achieve superior results across their organizations.

- Mary-Alice Vuicic, Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Vice-President, Human Resources Shoppers Drug Mart


As President and CEO of Desjardins Group, I realize every day how the people and the richness of a lively culture are the most precious assets for an organization. And I cannot agree more with Marty Parker in stating that within any leading company, there is an intimate connection between reaching high performance and developing and nurturing a distinctive organizational culture. For us, it is a distinctive cooperative culture. There is a great benefit for leaders to reflect on Culture Connection.

Marty Parker & Clive Beddoe

Founding Shareholder and Chairman, WestJet

- Monique F. Leroux, Chair of the Board, President and CEO of Desjardins Group

The best path to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage in a dynamic marketplace is through the development of an innovative and winning corporate culture. In building and optimising a leading culture, an organisation can significantly differentiate their brand in the hearts and minds of their customers, employees and communities whilst delivering meaningful value appreciation for shareholders. Marty Parker has captured a compelling collection of corporate culture insights and learnings in this book, making it a great tool for leaders at all levels in profit-based, charitable and government organisations alike. Marty truly gets it that culture is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

- Darren Entwistle, President & CEO, TELUS Corporation

Every organization has its unique and distinct culture and it is likely not what its leaders think it is, largely because in my experience few put any effort in focusing on what their culture is or even what they want it to be. This is huge mistake. Ironically, in this highly competitive world, culture is the one element of an organization that cannot be duplicated and therefore it offers a unique opportunity to differentiate an organization from its competitors. Marty Parker’s book is therefore a must read for anyone who leads, or aspires to lead an organization if they truly want to understand how to unleash the potential of their people.”

- Clive Beddoe, Founding Shareholder and Chairman, WestJet

No matter how you slice it, culture is critical to the success of any business. In writing Culture Connection, Marty Parker has interviewed a virtual who’s who of North American industry and applied their collective experience to produce a must-read for executives interested in leveraging this key business advantage. The book is brimming with advice and strategies on how to build a winning corporate culture.”

- Douglas Kelly, Publisher, National Post

Marty is one of Canada’s leading executive recruiters and an expert in culture. What he shows us in Culture Connection is not only how to turn culture into a competitive advantage, but also how to recruit for fit and find top performers. This is a very insightful read and the take away from Marty’s interviews with leading North American executives is outstanding.”

- Don Babick, Director, Torstar Corporation; Former President and Publisher, National Post

Marty Parker has developed a practical and insightful guide to establishing a company culture, enforcing it and ensuring it endures for the long term. This has been a fundamental element of our success at Four Seasons and now companies everywhere can learn how adhering to a strong set of core values can bring tremendous rewards.”

- Isadore Sharp, Founder and Chairman, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

This is perhaps the best book I have read on why a winning corporate culture is critical in today’s competitive global marketplace. Full of case studies and interviews with some of North America’s top executives, Culture Connection is a must read for any current or future business leader or owner, and it will become a must read for our leadership team.”

- Dave MacKay, President, Ceridian Canada Ltd.

Great companies, focused on long term value creation, recognize that a deeply rooted, sustainable culture is the foundation of success. It is an asset to be managed like any other. Marty Parker has long understood this and Culture Connection offers a blueprint to create, nurture, protect and grow this most essential asset to a level of competitive advantage. It’s a leadership must read.”

- Michael McCain, President and CEO, Maple Leaf Foods